The Covent Venture subgroup has a special place in the Covent system. It is related to all other subgroups and is seeking technologies that facilitate focusing and concentrating investment flows in regard to the Covent Commerce subgroup programs


Covent Venture involves and prioritizes not only financial but also all other forms of investment management.

Investment may take, among others, technical, technological, resource, educational, and personnel training forms.

Work Specifics

The Covent Venture system is also focused on creating systems that sustain stable growth and structural development of these resources.

Covent Venture endeavors to attract the maximum possible number of investors to projects that are of interest to us by introducing the investors and their groups to the investment realities, creating new forms of investor cooperation, and by adjusting traditional financial investment systems to the changing realities of the contemporary world.

The Covent Venture system facilitates the entrance of all Covent Commerce structures, related-systems and business structures seeking to join Covent programs into financial and investment markets.

Covent Venture’s main tool is the maximum understanding of global financial and economic processes as well as a long-term development estimate of these processes and set-up of appropriate financial strategies.


Trends and Strategies


Creating systems that would contribute the most to resource growth and structural development

Analysis of long-range estimates for global financial and economic processes

As part of the Covent Group system, Covent Venture must comply with unified standards and principles in pursuit of common goals

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